We are proud to have the honor of hosting your event. The general terms and conditions of the ceremony, the payment method and the cancellation of contracts at the Parsian Hotel in Kermanshah are as follows:

1- Counting the number of guests who attend the event is the responsibility of the hotel representative and his statement is accepted by the parties.
2- If the number of attendees at the ceremony is less than the number mentioned in this contract, the settlement criteria will be the costs determined for the number stated in the contract and the host will pay it. (Children over 6 years old are considered adults.) and increasing the number of guests per day up to 10% will be possible, which will be settled before serving the food.
3- It will be possible to reduce the number of guests up to 72 hours before the ceremony and up to 10%.
4- If fruit and sweets are prepared by the ceremony owner, these items must be delivered eight hours before the ceremony.
5- If the number of attendees in the ceremony is less than the number of people in the contract, after the ceremony, the remaining food, fruit and sweets will be provided to the guests and the containers for carrying them will be prepared by the owner of the ceremony. Obviously, the owner of the ceremony cannot have a claim for the remaining food, fruit and sweets in the days after the ceremony.
6- It is strictly forbidden to bring in any halal or non-halal food and drink by the owner of the ceremony or the guests to be served in the ceremony.
7- The owner of the ceremony undertakes to start the ceremony at the designated time and while holding it in order and compliance with all the current regulations and hotel regulations, he will leave the party place together with the guests after the expiration of the designated time. .
8- The owner of the ceremony is obliged to accept any damage caused to the hotel by himself or his guests, according to the hotel’s estimate.
9- The presence of even one of the guests means the execution of the contract and the performance of the ceremony.
10- Smoking is prohibited inside the hotel, and the observance of hijab and full Islamic etiquette is mandatory for all guests, and the hotel is allowed to prevent the ceremony in case of non-compliance.
11- The owner of the ceremony undertakes to coordinate with the hotel in a timely manner regarding all the contents of the ceremony, receive a letter of introduction from the hotel to the Department of Supervision of Police Places, and take action to obtain a permit from that department within 72 hours at most. before holding the ceremony, otherwise the hotel will not be allowed to perform the ceremony and according to the regulations contained in this contract, the contract will be canceled even on the day of the ceremony.
12- If the ceremony needs to distribute leaflets, explain brochures, print banners or such things, it is necessary for the owner of the ceremony to see a sample of it and get the necessary written permission from them, otherwise it is possible to use it. There will be no
13- The guest is responsible for the maintenance and health of all the equipment related to the event brought by the guest, and the hotel is not responsible for them, before and after the event.
14- If at the request of the host of the event (seminar only) the artistic program or the host is other than the hotel group, the host of the event is required to obtain a license in the name of the organizers of the program from the Ministry of Guidance and the Department of Venues and deliver it to the marketing unit and Sales should take action up to 72 hours before the event and deposit the entrance fee of this program, the amount of which will be determined in coordination with the marketing and sales unit, to the hotel account.
15- Flower arrangement and related costs will be calculated according to hotel standards and included in the contract.
16- Audio and video equipment for performing the art program or other requested programs will be calculated separately.
17- If the guest accepts fruit and sweets, the guest must deliver the fruit and sweets to the ceremony area of the hotel at least 5 hours before the start of the ceremony.
18- The owner of the ceremony is obliged to completely empty the items brought by him to the hotel (such as stands, banners, etc.) no later than 5 hours after the end of the ceremony. Otherwise, the hotel will not be responsible for the event owner’s equipment.
How to pay the fee
50% of the total price of the party will be received and settled from the host at the time of signing the contract and the remaining 50% at most one week before the ceremony; Failure to pay the fees on time by the host is considered as cancellation and the hotel will not have any obligation regarding the event and the possible consequences are the responsibility of the host.
How to terminate the contract
In case of canceling or changing the date of the ceremony on the part of the client for any reason and condition (justified or unjustified) which is announced in writing by the host to the hotel, as follows, in order to compensate the damage caused to the hotel, it will be deducted from the deposit amount;



The number of days left to the date of the ceremony From the beginning of the contract until 60 59-15 14-3 2 1 the day of the ceremony
The penalty percentage of the total amount of the contract 10% 20% 25% 40% 50% 70%

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